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A picture is worth a thousand words - therefore we put a lot of pictures together. Watch our story here.

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Coolshop has a special shop for business owners, no matter what's the size of your business. We call it Coolshop Business which is your doorway to our amazing B2B-shop, where you will receive wholesale prices on the majority of our products.

You only need to have a registered company, and fill out our application form. We will then contact you in 48 hours. It's free!

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    Get access to Coolshop as you know it - now with wholesale prices.

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    Get special wholesale prices on every item sold from Coolshop.

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    You will get a dedicated account manager associated with your company.

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    You can always get a helping hand if needed both by phone and mail.

  • Credit

    We offer credit options. Buy now, get the invoice, and pay later.

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    Get all of this for free. It does not cost you a penny to gain the upper hand.

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